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Ib (Following after)

Inge (Feminine)

Ingolf (Ings wolf)

Ingvar (Warrior)

Ivar (Archer)

Iver (Archer)


Jacob (Supplanter)

Jaeger (Huntsman)

Jakob (At the heel)

Jan (Jehovah's gift or grace)

Jann (Jehovah's gift or grace)

Janne (Jehovah's gift or grace)

Jannick (Jannick)

Jannik (God is merciful)

Jarl (Nobel)

Jens (Royalty)

Jeppe (Following after)

Jerrik (Ever ruler)

Jesper (Treasure master)

Joachim (Whom Jehovah has set up)

Joakim (Lifted by Jehovah)

Johan (Jehovahs gift or grace)

Johannes (Yahweh is gracious)

Jokum (Whom Jehovah has set up)

Jonas (Gift from God)

Jonatan (Gift from God)

Jonathan (Yahweh has given)

Joren (Farmer)

Jorg (Farming man)

Jorgen (Farmer)

Jori (Farmer)

Joris (Farmer)

Jorn (Farming man)

Jory (One who is a farmer)

Josef (German form of Joseph)

Jørgen (Farmer)

Jørn (Husband)


Kaj (Earth)

Kalini (One who is pure)

Kare (Curvy)

Karl (Man)

Kelde (Offspring)

Kennet (Handsome)

Kjeld (Cauldron)

Klaus (People's victory)

Klemens (Merciful)

Klint (A cliff)

Knud (Kindness)

Knut (Kindness)

Knute (Kindness)

Kobbi (Short version of Jacob)

Kol (Coal, the color black)

Kolinkar (Born to the conquering people)

Konrad (Bold)

Kovit (Expert)

Kresten (Follower of Christ)

Kris (Follower of Christ)

Kristen (Follower of Christ)

Kristoffer (Form of Christopher.)


Lars (Crowned with laurel)

Lasse (City of laurels)

Laurits (One who is crowned with laurel)

Lauritz (Bay or laurel tree)

Leif (Heir)

Lennart (Strong as the lion)

Leo (Lion)

Linus (Flaxen haired)

Lorens (Laurel)

Lothen (One who has much hair)

Lucas (Man from Luciana)

Ludolph (People and wolf)

Ludvig (Famous warrior)

Lukas (Light)


Mads (Gift of the Lord)

Magnus (Great)

Malte (Assembly)

Malthe (Assembly)

Manni (Man)

Marcus (To harvest)

Maria (Sea of bitterness)

Marius (Male)

Mathias (Gift of the Lord)

Matthias (Gift of the Lord; Gift from God)

Maximilian (Greatest)

Mikael (Gift from God)

Mikkel (Danish version of Michael)

Mimir (God of prophecy)

Mogens (Great)

Morten (Of Mars)


Nalren (Thawed out)

Nansen (Son of Nancy)

Nidhug (Cruel, bitter)

Niels (Champion)

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Niklas (Victory of the people)

Nikolaj (Danish version of Nicolai)

Nikolaus (Victor of the people)

Nils (Champion)

Njord (Father of Freya)

Noah (Comfort; long-lived; repose)

Nohr (Marshy stream)

Normann (Niörds man)

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Ode (Otter)

Odell (Otter)

Odie (Otter)

Odis (Otter)

Olaf (Forefather's relic)

Olav (Ancestor, grand-father)

Ole (Forefathers relic)

Olen (Son of Ole)

Oliver (Traces its roots to Latin, meaning olive tree. Currently a very popular name in Denmark)

Olson (Son of Ole)

Oluf (Forefather's relic)

Oscar (God spear, or deer-lover or champion warrior)

Osulf (Divine wolf)

Osvald (Divine power)

Otto (Wealth, fortune)

Ove (Full of terror)


Palle (Tiny, petite)

Pedar (Danish for Peter)

Peder (A stone)

Peer (Rock)

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Per (Rock)

Pontus (Of the sea)

Poul (Small)

Preben (Ornamental bear)


Radulf (House wolf)

Ramnit (Dear or dearest)

Rand (Shield)

Rangvald (Ruler's advice)

Regner (Firm judge)

Rek (Warrior)

Riki (Powerful, wealthy)

Robert (Bright)

Rolf (Legendary wolf)

Ruben (See my son)

Rudolf (Fame)

Rune (Secret lore)

Runi (Wild boar)

Ryker (Strength)

Ræf (Fox)

Røthe (Red)


Salomon (Peace)

Samuel (God has heard)

Sebastian (Majestic; venerable)

Sigmund (Victory)

Sigurd (Victorious guardian)

Simon (He has heard)

Soren (Stern, severe, God of War)

Steen (Stone)

Stefan (Man with crown)

Steffen (Man with crown)

Sten (Stone)

Stephan (Crown)

Stig (Route)

Stigr (Route)

Styrbiorn (Battle bear)

Svante (Celebrating people)

Sven (Lad)

Svend (Lad)

Swend (Lad)

Søren (Severe)


Tarben (Bear of Thor)

Theodor (Divine Gift)

Thomas (Twin)

Thor (Thunder)

Thorben (Thor's bear)

Thorbjörn (Thor's bear)

Thorn (Thorn bush)

Thorne (Thorn bush)

Tobias (Danish for Tobiah)

Toke (The raging)

Torben (Thor's bear)

Torbjorn (Thor's bear)

Torbjørn (Thor's bear)

Tore (Fighter of Thor)

Torolf (Thor's wolf)

Torsten (Thor's stone)

Torvald (The rule of Thor)

Tory (Conqueror; victory)

Tosh (Strong viking soldier)

Tove (Piece of Thor)

Tovi (Piece of Thor)

Troels (Thor's hostage)

Tue (Peaceful man)

Tycho (Raging)

Tyge (Raging)

Tyke (Raging)


Uddi (Point of an arrow)

Uffe (Wolf man)

Ulf (Thor's stone)

Ulfger (Wolf spear)

Ulrik (Ruler of all)

Unøss (One who has high honor)

Urban (City dweller)


Valdemar (Ruler)

Valdermar (Famous ruler)

Valentin (Healthy)

Valter (Army Rule)

Victor (Victor, conqueror)

Vidar (Fighter in the woods)

Vilfred (Longing for peace)

Vilhelm (Strong mind and protection)

Villum (Will, desire)

Vilmar (Known for strong will)


Waldemar (Famous)

Willamar (Known for strong will)

Wulf (Wolf)