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Aage (Ancestors)

Abjörn (Ancestor bear)

Absalon (Reward of the gods)

Absalonis (Reward of the gods)

Afi (Grandfather)

Åge (The awful)

Aksel (Peace of the father)

Albin (White)

Aleksander (Defender of man)

Alex (Defender of men)

Alfred (alfe-råd (elf-advice))

Amleth (Foolish)

Anders (Man, warrior)

Andirs (Man, warrior)

Ane (Grace; favour)

Anker (Harvester)

Ansgar (Spear of the gods)

Anton (Inestimable)

Areao (Man, warrior; manly)

Ari (Eagle)

Arne (Eagle)

Arni (Eagle)

Aron (Lofty; exalted; high mountain)

Arthur (Noble, courageous)

Arvid (Eagle)

Asbjorn (God of bears)

Asbjørn (Divine bear)

Asger (Divine spear)

Asketyl (Divine kettle)

Aslak (Reward of the gods)

Asmund (Divine protection)

Asmus (Amiable)

Asulf (Divine wolf)

Axel (Reward of the gods)

Axlan (Reward of the gods)


Baltser (God or Lord protect the king)

Bastian (Person from Balle)

Beate (The One Who Brings Joy)

Becker (Beech tree; Stream)

Bendt (Blessed)

Bent (Blessed)

Bernt (Brave like a bear)

Bertil (Intelligent)

Bertram (Bright-raven, or glorious raven)

Birger (One who helps)

Bjarke (Bear)

Bjarne (Bear)

Bjarni (Bear)

Bjoern (Bear)

Bjørn (Bear. Famous bearer)

Bodil (The Old Norse name Bóthildr)

Brandi (Sword)


Canute (Kindness)

Carl (Man)

Casper (Treasurer)

Caspian (The Caspian Sea)

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Christen (Christian man)

Christer (Christian)

Christian (Christian)

Christiansen (Son of the Christian)

Christiern (Christian)

Christoffer (Christ-bearer)

Christofferson (Son of Christoffer)

Claus (People's victory)

Cnut (Kindness)

Cnutte (Kindness)

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Dag (Day)

Dagfinn (Bright Finn)

Dane (One who is from Denmark)

Diederik (People's ruler)

Ditmer (Peoples' fame)

Dittmer (People's fame)

Dolf (Noble)

Donar (God of thunder)


Ebbe (Wild boar)

Edrin (Wealthy guard)

Edvin (Rich or wealthy friend)

Egil (Respect, horror)

Einar (One who fights alone)

Ejnar (Noble)

Elias (Yahweh is my God)

Elif (Lone descendant)

Elliot (Jehovah is God)

Eluf (Ever-living)

Emanuel (God with us)

Emil (Latin for rival)

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Enok (Biblical name)

Erasmus (Amiable)

Eric (Ever ruler)

Erik (Ever ruler)

Erland (Leader)

Erlend (Stranger)

Erling (Nobleman's offspring)

Ernst (Earnest, serious)

Esben (God)

Espen (God of bears)


Felix (Lucky)

Filip (Loves horses)

Flemming (A runaway)

Folke (From the people)

Frans (Free)

Frederik (Peace ruler)

Frej (Lover)

Frits (Peace ruler)

Frode (Wise one)


Gabriel (God is my strength)

Gar (Gardener)

Garden (Gardener)

Gardenor (Gardener)

Gardiner (Gardener)

Gardnard (Gardener)

Gardner (Gardener)

Gauti (One who is from Götland)

Gedda (Pike fish)

Georg (Farming man)

Geri (Spear)

Gerlak (Spear battle)

Gildi (A brother of the guild)

Gregers (Watchman)

Gregos (Watchman)

Gren (Branch, section)

Gudbrand (Sword of the divine)

Gudmund (God is protecting)

Gulbrand (God's sword)

Gunnar (War general)

Gunne (Army)

Gunner (War)

Gustav (Staff of the Geats or Goths or gods)

Gøti (One who is from Gotland)


Haagan (Of high kin)

Haakon (Of high kin)

Hagano (Weapon)

Hagen (Weapon)

Haki (Chin)

Hákon (Chosen son)

Haldor (Stone of Thor)

Haldur (Stone of Thor)

Halfdan (Half Danish)

Halvor (Chosen son)

Hamnet (Foolish and dull)

Hankon (Of high kin)

Hans (John)

Harald (Warrior power)

Hein (Home)

Helge (Dedicated to the gods)

Helle (Holy)

Hemming (Changing shapes)

Hendrik (Home ruler)

Henning (Peacemaker)

Henrik (Ruler of the home)

Herman (Soldier. Army Man)

Hilarius (Cheerful)

Hjalmar (Fighter with a helmet)

Holger (Holy)

Hugo (Bright in Mind and Spirit)