Southern Denmark

Southern Denmark

Located to the very west of the administrative regions, Southern Denmark is more unassuming than almost anywhere else in the nation and best known for the major University of Southern Denmark in the city of Odense.

Restructuring of the nations provinces and municipalities in 2007 saw the main districts Fyn, Ribe, Vejle and Southern Jutland combined to form what is now known as Southern Denmark. Vejle may be the capital of the region, but the largest and most significant city in Southern Denmark is that of Odense.

Ambitious and energetic, Odense is an attractive prospect for many Danish youth with the main campus for the University of Southern Denmark taking it's place in the centre of the city. Prestigious and modern, the University is one of the most sought after education faculties in Denmark and a large part of the reason for such a young and vibrant sense of community. Another defining characteristic of Odense, are the many hospitals and manufacturers along with a superior transport system.

That being said, every region will have an alluring attraction and Svanninge Bjerge is most certainly such a place. Close to the city of Faaborg, this dense and colorful nature reserve is a haven for biodiversity, a display of contrasting landscapes and a fast getaway from the busy city. The focus of many studies in the University of Southern Denmark, the area is covered in luscious sprawling forests, pristine isolated lakes, lowland swamps and rolling hills; Svanninge Bjerge shines a light on nature and the wonderful diversity of the nation.

Although less spectacular than the regions to the north of the country such as Jutland and Zealand, Southern Denmark is still an attractive destination with enough variety to make it worth visiting enroute to alternative destinations, and with such a youthful and vibrant atmosphere in the main cities, you can be sure of a memorable visit at any time of year.