Central Denmark, Aarus

Central Denmark

Scenic, vibrant and diverse; Central Denmark is the main administrative centre for the nation and a region of contrasting landscapes, from the sandy dunes in the east, the stunning lakes and bustling cities on the interior, to the sweeping coastline views in the west. Home to an endless line up of museums, research and educational facilities, the region is a sublime mix of historic attractions and prosperous economic allure.

Dominating the mid section of the Jutland peninsula, both sides of Central Denmark are bordered by an attractive coastline with green rolling hills next to beautiful views across the North sea, but with a population of more than 1.2 million, the rarity of such remote locations is emphasized further by the large number of towns and cities in a relatively small area. Robust and highly populated, Aarus is Denmark's second largest city, where an enormous container port is central to the skyline and a wide variety off attractions can be found, while Horsens, Silkeborg and Randers are some other major cities in the region which are also infused with many historical museums and points of interest. In fact, the overall region is almost a symbol for the huge diversity in Denmark with a wide variety of cultural and natural attractions including an interactive Viking Museum, luscious Botanical Gardens, Randers Tropical Zoo and the world renowned Aros art museum in Aarus.

Central Denmark is also a fast growing region with a dynamic economy and home to several research facilities such as the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences and the Alexandra Institute, along with many large scale manufacturing companies including Siemens, Vestas and Suzlon - some of the world’s largest contributors for wind turbines. This bustling economy helps to create a vibrant atmosphere in the region and naturally, major cities such as Aarus are now a favorite for students, job seekers and locals wishing to progress their career.

Scenic, vibrant and diverse; Central Denmark is a prosperous region of diversity.