Capital Region

Capital Region

General information about the region

Around 1.7 million people call the Capital region their home. A big percentage of those people live in the capital of Denmark: Copenhagen is the home to almost 600,000 people, and if you take the whole urban area, you get over 1.2 million people living in Copenhagen. The Capital Region is named so because it basically is the region with the capital of the country. It is the most Easterly region in Denmark, and one of the most popular places for tourists.

What is the region known for?

The Capital region is mainly famous because it is the home of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and also the biggest city in the country. Copenhagen is known for its long history, which started in the 10th century. The city became Denmark's capital in the 15th century and has never changed its status ever since.

In Denmark, and all over the world, Copenhagen is known as a city filled with culture, art, and history. And of course, being the capital of the happiest country in the world, Copenhagen is also known to be filled with people who are rather happy with their life. You will notice that the atmosphere in this city is quite different from the atmosphere in other capitals of the world, and if you aren't a total grump, then you can't help but being infected by the positivity of the people in the city.

One rather unusual thing that is well known about Copenhagen is that it is full of people who prefer using their bike over their car. And the bikers in Copenhagen are quite fast. Visitors are often not used to the speed of bikers, so it is recommend that you become aware of this. The people of Copenhagen love their bikes, and they also love being competition to the cars when it comes to speed!

What should you not miss when you visit Copenhagen?

As the region is mainly important because of the city of Copenhagen – and most people live there – we will focus on the things to see within Copenhagen. It is easy to spend a few days there without getting bored, and you will not be able to fit in everything unless you have at least a whole week. Some of the highlights in Copenhagen are:

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is over one hundred years old by now and one of the most beloved attractions in Copenhagen. The sculpture of the little Mermaid that sits on a rock was inspired by the story of Hans Christian Anderson. She is one of the sights that almost all tourists visit.


Christiania is an alternative part of Copenhagen in which people that might once have been referred to as “hippies” live (and it was originally founded by hippies – there is a bit of history attached to the place). It is completely free of cars, and quite colourful, too. It is a very different kind of attraction, and good if you need a break from the more traditional tourist attractions.


Nyhaven was one a very busy port, and while it still is very busy, you will find more visitors there who enjoy the idyllic quayside with a nice cup of coffee or a romantic dinner. It is a great area of Copenhagen to go to in the evenings.


Strøget is the longest shopping street in Denmark, and one of the longest shopping streets in the world. Whether you are looking for a budget clothing shop or a top end designer: you can find it all in and around Strøget.

Amalienborg Palace

The palace which was constructed in the 18th century is a very fine example of Danish Rococco, and attracts many visitors. Amalienborg is actually more than just one palace as it is made up of four buildings that are absolutely identical. One of the palaces houses a museum in which you can learn more about life at Amalienborg Palace in the past.

Tivoli Gardens

No visit to Copenhagen is complete without a visit to the famous Tivoli Gardens. Famous people like Hans Christian Anderson and Walt Disney visited and loved this amusement park which opened in 1843.


An even older amusement park is Bakken, which was opened over four hundred years ago. But don't worry, the ride follow modern safety guidelines, and you don't have to worry about breaking your bones on the rather suspicious looking roller-coaster!

The National Museum

If you would like to indulge in Danish culture, history, and art (with some international objects thrown in, too), then the National Museum should be on your list of places to visit while you are in Copenhagen.

Kronborg Castle

This castle is known to many because of Shakespeare's Hamlet, and most likely the most famous castle in the country. It is a fine Renaissance castle, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Open Air Museum of Copenhagen

If you would like to see how people lived and worked from 1650-1940, then the open air museum of Copenhagen is a great place to go. It is one of the oldest museums of this kind, and spreads over more than 85 acres of land. There is a lot to see – and do.