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Aage (Ancestors)

Aase (Tree-covered mountain)

Abby (My father's delight)

Abela (Breathing)

Abellona (Of Apollo)

Abelone (Of Apollo)

Abi (My father's delight)

Abigail (My father's delight)

Abilene (Born where the grass grows)

Abjörn (Ancestor bear)

Absalon (Reward of the gods)

Absalonis (Reward of the gods)

Ada (Graceful and noble)

Adabelle (From the beautiful scenery)

Adamaris (Graceful and noble)

Adda (Graceful and noble)

Addy (Graceful and noble)

Adel (Graceful and noble)

Adela (Graceful and noble)

Adelaide (Graceful and noble)

Adelajda (Graceful and noble)

Adele (Graceful and noble)

Adelina (Graceful and noble)

Adeline (Noble)

Adelita (Graceful and noble)

Adina (Lean and subtle)

Aditi (Universal)

Adora (Adoration)

Adria (Woman from Adria)

Adrianna (Woman from Adria)

Adrianne (Woman from Adria)

Adrienn (Woman from Adria)

Afi (Grandfather)

Afia (Friday born child)

Afton (From the River Afton)

Afua (Friday born child)

Agafya (Good-hearted)

Agape (Love and affection)

Agata (Good-hearted)

Agatha (Good-hearted)

Agda (Good-hearted)

Åge (The awful)

Aggie (Sacred, chaste)

Agneta (Pure)

Agnete (sacred)

Agnetha (Sacred, chaste)

Agnethe (A variation of the name Agnes)

Agot (Good-hearted)

Agota (Good-hearted)

Aida (One who returns)

Aifric (Agreeable)

Ailani (High chief)

Aileas (Noble, graceful)

Aileen (Torch of light)

Ailsa (Fairy rock)

Aine (Radiant, brilliant)

Aisha (One who is alive)

Aiyana (Endless beauty)

Aja (Born where the goats live)

Akhila (Entire)

Akilah (Clever, bright)

Aksel (Peace of the father)

Akua (Wednesday born)

Alaina (Valuable, precious)

Alana (Valuable, precious)

Alani (Orange tree)

Alanis (Valuable, precious)

Alannah (Valuable, precious)

Alba (Fair, white)

Alberta (Wise and graceful)

Alberte (Nobly bright)

Albertina (Wise and graceful)

Albin (White)

Alda (Old but graceful)

Aldabella (Old but graceful)

Aleksander (Defender of man)

Aleksia (The defender)

Alex (Defender of men)

Alex (Defender of men)

Alexandra (Defender of men)

Alfred (alfe-råd (elf-advice))

Alma (Spirit)

Almeta (A pearl)

Almina (Kind)

Almira (Princess)

Aloisia (A French Provincial)

Alona (Refers to the Virgin Mary)

Alryda (Holy clearing)

Alvhild (Elf and hildr battle)

Alvild (Supernatural being)

Alvilda (Alfhild)

Alvilde (Elf warrior)

Alvina (Wise friend)

Alvine (Variation of Alvina)

Alvira (Dearly loved)

Alwine (Noble friend)

Amleth (Foolish)

Anders (Man, warrior)

Andirs (Man, warrior)

Ane (Grace; favour)

Ane (Compassion)

Anesa (Chaste)

Anika (Gracious)

Anina (Compassion)

Anja (Favor, grace)

Anker (Harvester)

Anna (Compassion)

Annalisa (Compassion)

Anndrea (Feminine form of ander)

Anne (Mercy)

Anne-lise (Consecrated to God)

Annelise (Compassion)

Annemette (Bitter pearl)

Annette (Little Ann)

Ansgar (Spear of the gods)

Ansgard (Garden of the Gods)

Antoinetta (Inestimable)

Anton (Inestimable)

Antonia (Priceless)

Areao (Man, warrior; manly)

Ari (Eagle)

Arne (Eagle)

Arni (Eagle)

Aron (Lofty; exalted; high mountain)

Arthur (Noble, courageous)

Arvada (Eagle)

Arvid (Eagle)

Asbjorn (God of bears)

Asbjørn (Divine bear)

Ase (God-like)

Asger (Divine spear)

Asketyl (Divine kettle)

Aslak (Reward of the gods)

Aslog (Woman engaged to God)

Asløg (Divine liquor)

Asmund (Divine protection)

Asmus (Amiable)

Asta (Divine beauty)

Astrid (Divine strength)

Asulf (Divine wolf)

Axel (Reward of the gods)

Axlan (Reward of the gods)


Baltser (God or Lord protect the king)

Barbara (Foreign, strange)

Bastian (Person from Balle)

Beata (One who has been blessed)

Beate (The one who brings joy)

Beate (The One Who Brings Joy)

Becker (Beech tree; Stream)

Belinde (Very beautiful)

Bendt (Blessed)

Benedicte (Danish and Norwegian feminine form of Benedict)

Benedikta (One who is blessed)

Benedikte (Blessed)

Bent (Blessed)

Bente (Blessed)

Berde (A glacier)

Bergitte (Danish form of Bridget)

Bergliot (Mountain ugly)

Berit (Variant of Bridget)

Bernt (Brave like a bear)

Bertil (Intelligent)

Bertram (Bright-raven, or glorious raven)

Birger (One who helps)

Birgit (A variation of the name Bridget)

Birgita (Strength)

Birgitta (A variation of the name Bridget)

Birgitte (Strength)

Birte (Strength)

Birthe (Danish form of BERTHA)

Bjarke (Bear)

Bjarne (Bear)

Bjarni (Bear)

Bjoern (Bear)

Bjørn (Bear. Famous bearer)

Blenda (to dazzle, to blind)

Bodil (rom the Old Norse name Bóthildr)

Bodil (The Old Norse name Bóthildr)

Borghild (Defence in battle)

Bóthilda (Remedy in battle)

Brandi (Sword)

Brita (Strength)

Britt (Powerful, strong)

Britta (Strength or exalted one)


Caja (Pure)

Camilla (Servant for the temple)

Canute (Kindness)

Caren (Pure)

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Carl (Man)

Caryn (Pure)

Casper (Treasurer)

Caspian (The Caspian Sea)

Catharina (Pure)

Cathrine (Pure)

Catrine (Scandinavian for Katherine)

Cecilia (Blind)

Cecilie (Blind)

Charlotte (Man or manly)

Christa (Follower of Christ)

Christen (Christian man)

Christer (Christian)

Christian (Follower of Christ)

Christian (Christian)

Christiansen (Son of the Christian)

Christiern (Christian)

Christine (christian)

Christoffer (Christ-bearer)

Christofferson (Son of Christoffer)

Cille (Blinded)

Claus (People's victory)

Cnut (Kindness)

Cnutte (Kindness)

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Dag (Day)

Dag (Day)

Dagfinn (Bright Finn)

Dagmar (Joy of the Danes)

Dagny (Day; new)

Dakin (Danish)

Dana (Of Denmark)

Dane (Danish)

Dane (One who is from Denmark)

Dania (God is my judge)

Danika (Danish)

Diederik (People's ruler)

Ditmer (Peoples' fame)

Ditte (Gift of God)

Dittmer (People's fame)

Dolf (Noble)

Donar (God of thunder)

Dorete (Gift of God)

Dorit (God's gift)

Dorothea (God's Gift)

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Dorte (God's gift)

Dorthe (Danish for Dorothy)

Dota (Daughter)

Dotta (Daughter)

Dottir (Daughter)


Ebba (Power, vigor)

Ebbe (Wild boar)

Edith (Riches or blessed)

Edrin (Wealthy guard)

Edvin (Rich or wealthy friend)

Egil (Respect, horror)

Einar (One who fights alone)

Ejnar (Noble)

Eleonora (Shining light)

Elias (Yahweh is my God)

Elif (Lone descendant)

Elin (A version of Helen)

Elisabet (Devoted to God)

Elisabeth (To whom God is an oath)

Elise (Promise of God)

Ellinor (Sympathy, compassion)

Elliot (Jehovah is God)

Else (Noble cheer)

Eluf (Ever-living)

Elva (Elf)

Emanuel (God with us)

Embla (Elm tree)

Emil (Latin for rival)

Emilia (Excellent)

Emilie (To strive, excel or rival)

Enok (Biblical name)

Erasmus (Amiable)

Eric (Ever ruler)

Erica (Honorable ruler)

Erik (Ever ruler)

Erika (Ever or eternal ruler. Island ruler)

Erland (Leader)

Erlend (Stranger)

Erling (Nobleman's offspring)

Ernst (Earnest, serious)

Esben (God)

Espen (God of bears)

Ester (Scandinavian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Esther)

Eva (Life)


Federikke (Feminine form of Frederik)

Felix (Lucky)

Filip (Loves horses)

Flemming (A runaway)

Folke (From the people)

Frans (Free)

Frederik (Peace ruler)

Frederikke (Peace ruler)

Frej (Lover)

Freja (Lady)

Frida (Peace)

Fritha (Protection)

Frits (Peace ruler)

Frode (Wise one)

Fylla (Mythological name, one of friggas ladies in waiting)


Gabriel (God is my strength)

Gar (Gardener)

Garden (Gardener)

Gardenor (Gardener)

Gardiner (Gardener)

Gardnard (Gardener)

Gardner (Gardener)

Gauti (One who is from Götland)

Gedda (Pike fish)

Gelsomina (Jasmine)

Georg (Farming man)

Gera (Spear)

Gerd (Enclosed)

Gerdi (Spear maid)

Geri (Spear)

Gerlak (Spear battle)

Gertrud (Spear maid)

Gildi (A brother of the guild)

Gina (Virgina, Eugina, Regina)

Gisla (From Gisla)

Gitte (Strength)

Gjerta (Protection)

Gregers (Watchman)

Gregos (Watchman)

Gren (Branch, section)

Greta (Pearl)

Grete (Pearl)

Grethe (Pearl)

Grette (Pearl)

Gro (To grow, to heal)

Gry (Dawn)

Gudbrand (Sword of the divine)

Gudmund (God is protecting)

Gudrun (One who possesses wisdom)

Gulbrand (God's sword)

Gull (Goddess)

Gunda (War-like)

Gunhild (War battle-maid)

Gunna (White)

Gunnar (War general)

Gunne (Army)

Gunner (War)

Gunnila (War battle-maid)

Gunvar (One who is careful during war)

Gunvor (Alert in war)

Gustav (Staff of the Geats or Goths or gods)

Gyda (God is gorgeous)

Gøti (One who is from Gotland)


Haagan (Of high kin)

Haakon (Of high kin)

Hagano (Weapon)

Hagen (Weapon)

Haki (Chin)

Hákon (Chosen son)

Haldor (Stone of Thor)

Haldur (Stone of Thor)

Halfdan (Half Danish)

Halvor (Chosen son)

Hamnet (Foolish and dull)

Hankon (Of high kin)

Hans (John)

Harald (Warrior power)

Hedda (Battle; female warrior; refuge in battle)

Hedvig (Fight)

Hege (A short version of the baby name Helga)

Heidi (Nobility)

Hein (Home)

Helena (Light)

Helene (Shining light. The bright one)

Helga (Holy)

Helge (Dedicated to the gods)

Hella (Divine woman)

Helle (Holy)

Helle (Holy)

Hemming (Changing shapes)

Hendrik (Home ruler)

Henning (Peacemaker)

Henriette (Ruler of the home)

Henrik (Ruler of the home)

Herman (Soldier. Army Man)

Hilarius (Cheerful)

Hilda (Battle; war; protector)

Hildegard (Battle. Glorious, warfare)

Hjalmar (Fighter with a helmet)

Hjørdis (Sword spirit)

Holger (Holy)

Hugo (Bright in Mind and Spirit)

Hulda (One who is easy to love, pleasant)