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Ida (Work)

Idun (To renew nature)

Iduna (To renew nature)

Inga (A heros daughter)

Inge (Ings protection)

Ingebjørg (Ings protection)

Ingeborg (Ings protection)

Ingegerd (Enclosure)

Ingelise (Ings grace)

Inger (A heros daughter)

Ingred (Ings beauty)

Ingrid (Ings ride)

Irene (Peace)

Isabella (Promise of God)


Jacobine (Supplanter; held by the heel)

Jane (The lord has shown mercy)

Jannicke (Jehovah's gift or grace)

Jeanette (God is gracious)

Jette (Coal, black)

Johana (God is gracious)

Johanna (Gift from God)

Johanne (Jehovah's gift or grace)

Jonna (God is merciful)

Judit (Praised)

Julia (Young)

Julie (Downy-bearded, youth)

Jutta (Of Judea)

Jytte (Judea woman)

Jørdis (Sword maiden)


Kaja (Pure)

Kamilla (Servant for the temple)

Karan (Pure. Derived from the name Katherine)

Karen (Pure)

Karin (Pure)

Karina (Chaste, pure)

Karla (Womanly; strength)

Karolina (Meaning manly)

Karoline (Manly)

Karon (Pure. Derived from the name Katherine)

Karren (Pure)

Karrin (Pure)

Karyn (Pure)

Katarina (Pure)

Katharina (Pure, unsullied)

Katja (Pure)

Katrine (Chaste, pure)

Kerda (Loyal)

Kirsta (Follower of Christ)

Kirsten (Follower of Christ)

Kirstine (Christian woman)

Klara (Clear)

Klarika (Clear; bright; famous)

Kolinka (Born to the conquering people)

Kristen (Christ-bearer)

Kristin (Christina, and Christiana. Follower of Christ)

Kristina (One who is Christian)

Kristine (Follower of Christ)


Larine (Feminine form of lars)

Laura (Laurel tree or sweet bay tree)

Laurine (Person from Laurentum)

Lea (Derived from Hebrew Leah who was Jacobs first wife)

Lecia (Gladness)

Lena (Sunlight)

Lene (Abbrevation of ead-names; wealth)

Linnea (Lime tree)

Lisbet (A variation of the name Elizabeth)

Lise (To whom God is an oath)

Lone (Of Magdala)

Lotte (Masculine)

Lovise (Famous war)

Lucia (Graceful Light)

Lykke (Fortunate woman)

Lærke (Lark the bird)


Magda (Woman of Magdala)

Magdalone (Of Magdala)

Magnhild (Of Magdala)

Maiken (Rebellious woman)

Majken (Rebellious woman)

Malena (Pet form of Magdalena)

Malene (Of Magdala)

Maren (Wenna by the sea)

Margareta (Pearl)

Margarete (Pearl)

Margarethe (Pearl)

Margit (Pearl)

Margrete (Pearl)

Margrethe (Pearl)

Mari (Rebellious woman)

Marna (From the shore)

Mathilde (Mighty battle maid)

Merete (Pearl)

Meta (Diminutive of Margarethe)

Metta-lise (Consecrated to God)

Mettalise (Graceful pearl)

Mette (Pearl)

Mia (Bitter)

Mikaela (God like man)

Mikkeline (God like man)

Mimir (God of prophecy)

Mina (Goddess of sun, moon and stars)

Mine (Goddess of sun, moon and stars)


Nanna (Courageous)

Nicoline (Victory of the people)

Nielsine (Feminine of Neils)

Nora (Light)

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Olivia (Olive tree)

Ovia (Egg)


Paula (Little; small.)

Pedrine (Feminine of Pedar)

Pernille (Stone, rock)

Petra (Stone, rock)

Petrine (Feminine of Pedar)

Pia (From Mount Olympus)


Ragna (Advice)

Ragnhild (Goddess or warrior)

Ragnild (Goddess or warrior)

Rakel (Sheep's friend)

Rebekka (A rope with a noose)

Regina (Queen)

Renata (Warrior of judgment)

Rigmor (Name of Danish queen)

Rikke (Peace ruler)

Rosa (Rose)

Runa (Secret tradition)


Saffi (Wisdom)

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Sandra (Defender of men)

Sanne (Lily)

Sara (Princess)

Selma (Peace)

Semina (Goddess of sun, moon and stars)

Semine (Goddess of sun, moon and stars)

Sena (Blessed)

Sighni (New victory)

Signe (New victory)

Signy (New victory)

Sigrid (New victory)

Sigrun (New victory)

Silje (Blind)

Sille (Blinded)

Siri (Marvelous victory)

Siv (Bride)

Sofie (Wisdom)

Solvej (Sun-way)

Sonja (Wisdom)

Sorine (Thunder God)

Stefanie (Crown)

Stina (Christian)

Stine (Christian woman)

Stinne (Nickname for Kristina)

Susanna (Lily)

Susanne (Lily)

Sylvia (From the forest)


Tatiana (Feminine of Roman family clan name Tatius)

Telma (Nursling)

Teresa (Lisieux)

Terese (Summer harvest)

Thea (Goddess; godly)

Therese (Harvest)

Thora (Feminine name honouring Thor)

Thorbjorg (Thors protection)

Thorborg (Thors protection)

Thordís (Thors spirit or sprite)

Thorid (Piece of Thor)

Thurid (Piece of Thor)

Thyra (Like a thunder)

Tine (Christian woman)

Torbjørg (Thors protection)

Tory (Conqueror; victory)

Tove (Piece of Thor)

Tovi (Piece of Thor)

Trine (Good-looking)

Trudel (Strong)


Ulla (Powerful and prosperous)

Ulrica (Noble ruler)

Ulrike (Noble ruler)

Una (Happy)

Urd (The past)

Ursula (Little bear.)


Valda (Might, power)

Vibeka (Small woman)

Vibeke (Rapid-moving)

Viola (Violet flower)

Virginia (Virginal, Pure)

Vita (Filled with life)

Viveka (Small woman)

Vivi (Alive)

Vivian (Alive)


Wilhelmine (Determined warrior)


Ylva (She-wolf)


Zabina (Of the Sabine tribe)